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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Session 10: Chapter 9 Break The Silence

Seeds . . . Indications for Growth

In chapter Chapter 9 of Forming Intentional Disciples - Break the Silence, Sherry Weddell gives some very practical lessons on how to do this next step.

During my time as co-director for our RCIA process, peoples' stories were what we tried to make the Inquiry stage all about. Everyone has a story - everyone. Creating a safe atmosphere where people feel a level of trust existed was the key. To hear peoples' stories and be able to enter into that story with the right questions is a gift. Weddell is right,  these are much more than faith sharing stories. Looking back with a few more years of wisdom, I know that I would be an even better listener today.

“Does this person have a have a bridge of trust in place and where is it?”

Becoming a better listener takes patience and I believe we become more patient with maturity. It’s not to say that as almost 54 year old old man I still can get passionate about a topic and talk when I should be listening . . . did you ever feel like you were on a soap box while you were speaking; wondering if people were listening or if you were able to verbalize your enthusiasm well enough so that  others catch the fire?

As for our parish, we’re on the cusp of initiating a path forward that I believe will lead to true intentional discipleship. Our mission has been made quite simple and it involves these three words: Know, Grow and Go.
  • Know Jesus personally to the point where you actually have a relationship with Him. Fr.Dave has fostered the meaning of the word “faith” to be interpreted as "a relationship with Jesus".
  • Grow in that relationship with Him.
  • Go make a positive difference in our church, community, and world.

“the Spirit is at work in the heart of every person, through the seeds of the Word . . “

The homework for our parish and administrative councils this summer has been the reading of Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran’s new book Rebuilt.  
Without going into detail, there are some valuable tools and lessons about bringing new life to a dead parish or increasing the level of intentional discipleship in a growing parish. I think their ideas coupled with the principles and ideas from Forming Intentional Disciples could be a real  formula for success. I look forward to sharing what I have read in "our" book and from your weekly blogs. Pray for us.

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