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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Session 13: Chapter 12 Expect Conversion

 " . . . some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last."

I double checked - there isn't a final chapter or epilogue named "Conclusion". I am unsure if this goes for one more week or if this week's postings stay on the site through next Wednesday. I want to be sure that I don't miss out on saying goodbye.

It is  time to thank each and everyone of you for making the journey with me this summer. Thank you to all of you who made the time to read my weekly ramblings and a really big thank you to those of you who actually left comments. In some ways this experience was what I thought it might be, but truly it has been more than I thought it would be in most ways. 

I'm not a woman - I kind of knew I would be in the minority when I first thought about jumping in, but, duh? I mistakenly thought, well at least there would be one man's thoughts out there. Little did I know that guys as eloquent as LarryD - early on and Will Duquette would be participating on a regular basis. Humble pie now being severed!

A special prayer for Will and his embarking on a new ministry - if you didn't catch his blog last week. He is taking over the leadership of the RCIA process at his parish. Go Will! May this opportunity be filled with the Holy Spirit and may you give it all that it needs.

Back at the end of May when we started this I thought I would be entering my thoughts on the Lawn Chair Catechism page every week. Little did I know that I was going to have to figure out what a blog was and how to post it, every week. I even felt bad for bothering our moderator - Sarah Reinhard to learn what a gravatar was and how to make one. She's been so busy this summer, and she was so patient and obviously helpful. 

What truly made this experience challenging was that most of you are very accomplished writers - it's what you do. Second helping of humble pie, please? It's not what I do and my typing usually involves four rather wide fingers and an occasional thumb. You guys are awesome, and inspiring and you motivated me to try to keep up. 

I'm not really sure that my experience this summer is a conversion - the kind our our author talks about in this week's chapter, but - in way it could be. I have normal ups and downs in my life - some tragedies, a lot of joys and have been very blessed to have had the opportunities to encounter Christ though some very special people. I am grateful to all of you for helping me find another encounter with Jesus through you.

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