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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Session 12: Chapter 11 Personally Encountering Jesus in His Church

"We need to have a variety of different paths . . . "

Only two more weeks to go! Can you believe that Labor Day is just around the corner? Where did the summer go? It seems like August is the busiest month yet this summer; not only at work, but at church too. It seems like the more we have to do the more we somehow manage to get done. The gift of administration?

There are so many charisms of the Spirit that are available to us if we only pay attention to those around us. Jesus can be found in the ordinary.
"We need a wide spectrum of opportunities, because there is no single silver bullet."
As I have mentioned when writing in response to earlier chapters, I have been richly blessed by participating in a Small Faith Community (SFC). For the last four years eight of us have gathered on a weekly basis. Two of our members were part of the same RCIA group - both were baptized in 2009 so we enjoyed their gift of enthusiasm for their new relationship with Jesus. We pray thanksgivings and petitions together; we read the readings from the upcoming Sunday and with the assistance of multiple resources break open the Word and apply it to our lives.

Two years ago, our SFC took on the leadership of this ministry at our parish. I'd like to be able to tell you that we have doubled the participation and there is a waiting list for people to form new communities. It hasn't really happened that way, BUT there have been some real encounters with Christ. Twice each summer for the last three summers, our SFC has served ice cream after the Saturday Vigil mass. Last year for Lent we organized Stations of the Cross; we lined up different groups to lead the prayers - talk about getting people to step out of their comfort zone and use their gifts.

Prior to our involvement in the leadership of this ministry, SFC's were just a Lenten thing. We have lead by example and now more of the groups that have come together want to make their group a year-round endeavor - pretty cool! With a little encouragement, and the Holy Spirit leading the way it's amazing what can happen. 

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