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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Session 1: Introduction

I have been blessed the last four plus years to belong to a Small Christian (Faith) Community at our parish that meets weekly in member’s homes. We pray with and for one another and follow the beautiful rhythm of the Lectionary. We break open the readings for the following Sunday – in other words, we’re preparing for the upcoming Sunday. A real sense of living the Gospel happens here; the group is small enough 7 – 8 people, so that everyone gets to participate.

It’s hard at any size church to get that level of intimacy with other people in an hour on a Sunday – even if you do sit in the same pew every week!

If your parish doesn't “do” SCC's start one yourself. There are a great many resources out there to use as a guide. If this seems like too radical an idea, or takes you beyond your comfort zone, wait for Advent or Lent – these are natural times to begin when we all feel compelled to “prepare”

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